St. John's Sunday School

Since 1915 the children of St. John's have been the happy heart of our church community. We are an exuberant and reverent place where children learn confidence in their connection to God, grow it, maintain it, and pass it on through our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Sundays at  10:30 am (resumes soon)

Courtney Callahan

Director of Outreach and Children's Ministry

Cell (516) 514-2684 and Office (516) 671-3226


What happens on Sundays?

9:00 am - St John’s for Kids Family service- Parish Hall

9:40 am- Children’s Chorus with Mr. Chris (brief weekly music offering)

9:40 am- Outreach Camp
– variety of opportunities for children to help the parish and community

10:30 am – Sunday School 

Sunday School Leadership

Sunday School Parent Chairs: Jaime and Howie Posillico

Sunday Night Lights! Team: Sarah Blundin, Meg Woodhouse, Corrie Decker, Susan Moore and Alexis McAndrew

Christingle Nativity Pageant Co-Chairs: Diana Fredericks and Lindsay Fox

Glen Cove Public Housing Christmas Party: Lindsay Fox, Jaime Posillico, Sarah Blundin, Beth Blake Day, Diana Fredericks, Corrie Decker

Summer Sunday School Chair: Virginia Apple

Sunday School Fathers: John Fredericks

New Members: Stephanie Clark, Susan Moore, Alexis McAndrew

Thistle & Spoon Outreach: Diana and John Fredericks

St. Georges Friendship Ministry: Allison and Jay Aston

Friends of St. John's Soap for Hope: Lindsay Fox, Nitika Moran

Special Events Projects: Catherine and Scott Willard


Children's Special Events

Christingle Christmas Pageant – Christmas Eve – 4:00 pm

Christingle first appeared at a Moravian Church in Germany in 1747. The Minister, John De Watteville, gave the children at the Christmas Eve service an orange topped with a lit candle representing The Christ Child as the light of the world. His final prayer of this first service was, “Lord Jesus, kindle a flame in these children’s hearts, that theirs like Thine become”. Thereafter this custom went to England then ‘round the world and eventually landed in Lattingtown! Here at St. John’s we have a Christingle Christmas Pageant every Christmas Eve with children and families, celebrating the birth of the Baby Jesus.

Easter Egg Hunt – Easter Sunday – Following the 10:30 am Service

After Easter worship, children are invited to hunt for Easter eggs in the St. John’s Memorial Garden. Volunteers are always needed to hide the eggs and help with eager young hunters.

Please contact Courtney Callahan at for more information.