Adult Education

Our mission is to comfort, challenge and inspire a growing community of people in search of meaning and hope in their lives, and one of the avenues we provide to foster this exploration is through our numerous programs, classes, retreats and formation opportunities.

We strive to provide impactful offerings that will not only foster spiritual enrichment and growth, but also provide a basic theological foundation off of which to expand. The below offerings are your open invitation to join us, wherever you might be on your path, and whatever your religious background may be. We welcome all people, all questions, all doubts and all insights. Join us. (When Diocesan Guidelines allow)

Faith Matters - Sundays @ 9:30 am (Begins Sept.5th)
Faith and Families Summer Zoom Series (May-Aug) at 6:00pm -
the first Wednesday of the month

Nurture (Prayer) Group - Monday - 10:00am - Guild Room
Weekly Devotions- Face Book and Instagram