St. John's Sunday School

Since 1916 the children of St. John's have been the happy heart of our church community. We are an exuberant and reverent place where children learn confidence in their connection to God, grow it, maintain it, and pass it on through our Lord, Jesus Christ. 


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Sunday School meets every Sunday at 10:30 am and 5 pm





St. John’s of Lattingtown

Summer Sunday School 2018

For all Sunday School Children & Youth, relatives and neighbors!




Swimming with Jesus: Into the deep!

Diving into our Lord’s ministry and miracles on

and around the Sea of Galilee


Curriculum created and lessons curated

by Virginia Apple

who just returned from the Holy Land!

Sundays from June 24th – September 2nd

10:30 am or 5:00 pm program

Ages 3 years-14 years and up

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Summer Sunday School Chair: Virginia Apple

Summer Sunday Night Lights Chair: Alexis McAndrew

Sunday School Parent Chair: Jaime Posillico


For information: Courtney Callahan, Director of Children’s Ministry

church: 671-3226     cell:516-514-2684


Sunday School @ 10:30 am and 5:00 pm all year long!


What's Going on this summer! 

Our Heavenly Herb's Farm StandEvery Sunday through September 9th!


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Ice Cream Social at Glen Gardens Public Housing

Hosted by St. John's Thistle & Spoon Ministry, Rising Tide and The Glen Cove EOC

August 17th

6:00 to 7:00pm

                       What Happens on Sundays & Where do I go?


10:30 an Sunday School


Nursery - Doves,  Ages 0 to 3



Infants up to age 3.  Children's Chapel 2nd floor of Old Rectory.The Nursery is open 10:20


Children I - Lambs,  Ages 4-6


Jaime Posillico * Garden of Eden Craft room * Second floor of the old Rectory.



Children II - Angels, Ages 7--5th Grade


Miss Courtney * New Jesus Room * Across the patio from Children's Chapel * 2nd floor


Youth Forum 6th grade and up! 


Father Mark and Father Stephen alternating Sundays with Virginia Apple and volunteer parenst * Parish Hall Balcony 



Coffee Hour!


In the Parish Hall immediately after the service 


 Summer Sunday Night Lights!

5:00 pm

June 24th - September 2nd

Swimming with Jesus: Into the deep!

Chaired  by Alexis McAndrew

5:00 pm lesson and craft * New Jesus Room * 

5;45 pm Pizza & Playground

K-2nd grade

with 3rd-5th graders helping as teaching assistants and 6th grade and up helping as counselors.

We will be creating and painting old fashioned salt maps of the Sea of Gaillee and Gaillee




 Courtney Callahan


Director of Outreach & Children's Ministry


Cell (516) 514-2684  Office (516) 671-3226)


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Ice Cream Social at Glen Gardens Public Housing

Hosted by St. John's Thistle & Spoon Ministry, Rising Tide and The Glen Cove EOC

August 17th

6:00 to 7:00pm


Sunday School Leadership

Sunday School Parent Chairs: Jaime and Howie Posillico

Sunday Night Lights! Chair: Julie ZarouVestry

Christingle Nativity Pageant Co-Chairs: Diana Fredericks and Lindsay Fox

 Summer Sunday School Chair: Virginia Apple

 Baptism Families Liason: Ginger Chambless

 Volunteer Teachers: Jackie PowersVestry

Sunday School FathersJohn Fredericks Vestry

Thistle & Spoon 

Diana and John Fredericks and Stephanie and Fred Clark

St. Georges Friendship Ministry: Allison and Jay AstonVestry

Special Events Projects:

Catherine and Scott Willard and Emily and Lawrence Chu

Outreach Think Tank: new finance models and innovation for community wellness

 Baldwin Smith * John Argenti  * Scott Cragg * Emily Chu * Meg Morris

Sunday School Staff

Curate: The Reverend StephenTamke

Children's Choir: Chris Brayne, Director of Music

Acolyte Training: Donna George

Director of Children's Ministry: Courtney Callahan

Nursery: Alexandra Prieto and Ruth Gavino

Sunday School Assistants: Melissa Agreda, Ester Solano, Lyanne Solano 




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